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"Amelia is a wonderful voice teacher. She truly cares about her work and loves her students. Self-trained and performing professionally, I wasn't aware of what I was actually doing with my technique. She has diligently taught and educated me. The accolades I've been hearing about my voice since I've started studying with her have been nothing but positive and it's a direct tribute to her work. Her goal is for you to do and present your best each time you open your mouth. I am very thankful for her flexible schedule and virtual studio, as I live and work professionally out of state. If you want a teacher who encourages you and  challenges you, she's the one!"




"I began studying voice with Dr. Rollings Bigler nearly a year ago. The improvements I heard even within the first few months under her guidance leaves me confident in her ability to teach as well as her understanding and application of the mechanism of the voice. I came to Dr. Rollings Bigler riddled with voice issues leading to poor tone production as well as vocal fatigue and damage. Through her comprehensive understanding of the voice, I have remedied most all of these issues and continue to work towards an efficient tone production. Most importantly, these changes are not temporary...they "stick," due to the fact that Dr. Rollings Bigler does not teach toward a desired sound, as so many do. Rather, she leads her students out of poor vocal habits by teaching them how to understand the mechanics of the voice, and therefore, how best to use it. As a voice teacher myself, her pedagogy and function-based teaching has been invaluable to me as well as to my studio. I am also extremely excited to see Dr. Rollings Bigler in a position to encourage change in the voice teaching profession and promote functional technique on a broader scale. I look forward to continuing my study with her in the future."  


"Dr. Rollings Bigler is by far the most gifted and dedicated educator from which I have ever had the pleasure of learning. In the studio, Dr. Rollings Bigler demonstrates an in-depth understanding of many different topics; whether it be vocal technique, voice science, research, or vocal pedagogy. This increases her credibility as a vocal teacher, as she continuously proves her vast knowledge of all things voice. What is even more impressive about Dr. Rollings is her ability to connect genuinely with each one of her students. She cares deeply about each individual student and does everything she can to ensure their success. She goes above and beyond to make herself available at all hours and always tells it like it is (even when it is hard to hear). Dr. Rollings has an incredible ability to elevate her students to a high level of excellence. I am constantly blown away by her achievements in teaching, research, and performance, and I am forever grateful for the things she has taught me." 


"Amelia is the single greatest teacher from whom I have had the pleasure of learning. Supported by her many years of intensive vocal study, she spent delicate time and attention to hand-craft my learning experience; she made sure to keep me encouraged while acknowledging my current abilities; and with her caring approach, I found myself motivated to practice in and out of the studio. I wouldn’t trade a second of my time with Dr. Rollings Bigler for any other voice teacher." 


"When I came to Amelia, I had the specific goal of learning how to belt.  I had already had years of training in voice and an undergrad in music.  Amelia not only taught me, a lyric soprano, to belt, but she also gave me a much fuller, more consistent tone.  As an added bonus, I feel more vocally healthy.  And she did all this in 3 months!  She is hands down the best voice teacher I’ve ever had.”  

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