Dr. Rollings Bigler offers a range of live, group, online courses throughout the year on topics including:

voice technique, voice pedagogy, and personal and career development. 

To book Dr. Rollings Bigler for a master class/workshop, please email her assistant at

Voice Pedagogy Intensive.png


$15 per class

$71.25 = 5 class pass (5% savings)

$130 = 10 class pass (15% savings)

This course will meet from 1:00-1:45 pm CDT/2:00-2:45 pm EDT on Tuesdays from August 25-December 4, 2020. 


Get yourself to the vocal gym! This class will lead you through 45 minutes of exercises to improve your technique. 

Classes will be recorded and available for participants to access for one week after the class time.

**In order to take these classes or purchase a class pass, you must have (a) completed the voice fundamentals course

or (b) have studied 1:1 with Dr. Rollings Bigler for at least 6 weeks. 



$399 (early bird September 15)*

$450 (after September 15)*

*Monthly Payment Plans Available, email

This course will meet from 6-8 PM CDT/7-9 PM EDT on Tuesday nights, September 29-November 17, 2020.


The course will be a Level 1 course intended for singers, voice teachers, choral conductors, music educators, and anyone who wants to learn the basics of teaching functional and efficient singing. No prior knowledge of voice pedagogy will be required. This course will offer the fundamental knowledge and principles necessary in applied teaching.


We will focus on the following aspects of voice pedagogy:

  • Basic voice anatomy and physiology

  • Basic voice acoustics and technology

  • Diagnostic watching/listening skills

  • Applied voice pedagogy (alignment, phonation/registration, resonation, respiration, and articulation across styles (classical/operatic, legit, belt, mix) 

  • Lesson planning/concept structuring/skill acquisition

  • Designing effective vocalises

  • Selecting repertoire for students

  • Voice teaching in a group class format

  • Effective teaching strategies for online voice lessons (1:1 and group)


Check back soon for October, November, and December Course Offerings!