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F O R  S I N G E R S

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Stay in the habit of daily practice by committing to a 21-day vocal challenge with Dr. Amelia Rollings Bigler. We will kick off the challenge with a live group class. All participants will have access to an exclusive Facebook group where they will receive a daily, 15-minute vocal workout video each day for 21 days. Participants are encouraged to "go live" in the group each day to check in, discuss their progress, and even demonstrate a technical exercise if they wish! This class will include technical work that crosses vocal styles and builds in difficulty and on concepts from day to day. VIP participants will receive individualized feedback each week via Marco Polo and have access to the videos for one month following the conclusion of the course. This course is a great addition to 1:1 lessons with any PhonationCo teacher. 


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Choral Edition

Ready to get back into your church choir? Preparing for that school choir audition this coming fall? Join Madeline Jane to gear up for all things CHORAL, including your school, church, and community choirs alike, by taking this course, JUST FOR FUN! This four-week course will explore voice technique fundamentals with practical application to choral music. Participants will also be able to upgrade and add a 1:1 lesson with Maddie for a discounted rate.  All levels and ages (14+) are welcome!


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Pop/Rock Edition

Join Abby Kohake as you get ready to rock your next shower concert or karaoke night after taking this course, JUST FOR FUN! This four-week course will teach you the basic fundamentals of singing with practical application to your favorite pop and rock hits. Participants will also be able to upgrade and add a 1:1 lesson with Abby for a discounted rate. All levels and ages (14+) are welcome! 


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Join Madeline Jane in an immersive and interactive piano course designed specifically for singers. This three-session course will cover basic music theory and music reading for the piano, basic score analysis, and a practical application of piano skills for basic self-accompaniment and learning vocal music. These sessions will include small practice assignments between meetings and the opportunity to check in with Maddie throughout the week as you progress. No prior piano work required. Absolute beginners are welcome! All participants will have access to course videos during the course and one month after course completion. Limited enrollment. 


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